FranciscoNavaro.com Reviews

Product: Reyes Negra and Reyes Blanca

Submitted 2016 by Adrian

Build Quality and Workmanship: 10
Action, Fit, & Finish: 10
Sound: 10
Overall Rating : 10
Comments : Soulful guitars filled with inner voices.

Product: Munich

Year: 2010

Submitted 2016 by Jim

Build Quality and Workmanship: 10
Action, Fit, & Finish: 10
Sound: 10
Overall Rating : 10
Comments : This is my special guitar. Spruce top and CSA Rosewood sides and back. Straight from the box the guitar played easily. It has a clear and romantic tone. The basses are bottomless and bold. The trebles are bell-like with great sustain. This guitar has impressed serious students and concert professionals. I couldn't be happier.

Harmony Central User Reviews

Submitted by David

Features :10

The guitar I own is a 2001 Francisco Navarro, from Paracho, Mexico. I know that many Mexican guitars have a bad reputation, but this little gem isn't one of them.  It is made of Western Red Cedar for the soundboard, and highly figured cocobolo back and sides.  It is based on the late 19th century Torres design, the type of guitar used by Tarrega and Liobet and Pujoi, which is slightly smaller (maybe 5%?) than the "typical classical guitar of nowadays.

Action, Fit, & Finish : 10

The workmanship is astounding. Navarro is an incredible craftsman. For example, there is intricate wood inlay on the inside center seam of the back, it serves no function whatsoever other then cosmetic, but there it is. All the functional things like the joints and seams and purflings and what-have-yous are on the side if excellent. The action is like soft butter, playing it is just effortless.

Sound :10

The sound is exceptionally full and rich.  It projects very well, and the slightest nuances in right hand touch are readily discernable.

Product: Francisco Navarro Torres Classical

Submitted 08/30/2005 at 08:51am by Michael

Overall Rating :10

The guitar I purchased was the student level Torres guitar.  Even though this is a student level instrument, the guitar sounds like a professional to concert level instrument. ( I'm not kidding.) I've played the guitar for almost 20 years.  This guitar is better than the Hill Huaser I used to own.  And, I want to add, WAY better build.  This guitar is clean and slick.  This is by far the best purchase I've ever made on any product in my life (33 years old). I look forward to the day when I can purchase a concert level classical or flamenco from Navarro.  Great buy. Highly recommend this guitar.

Product: Francisco Navarro Smallman

Submitted 09/09/2004 at 05:28am by Michael

Sound: 9

Sound is much like what a real Smallman achieves but with less degree.  It is not as loud, not as boomy, but is much more durable than a real Smallman.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 9

The French polish is delicate but allows the sound to be open.  The action is high which gives this guitar a loud projection to it.  Beautiful sounding guitar with surprisingly good supportive trebles to match the bass which usually gets sacrificed in guitars like this.  This is by far the best Navarro you can get, if you can get one.

Overall Rating : 10

I've played classical guitar for something like 30 years.  I think this is certainly one of the very finest guitars I have ever possessed.  A number of my CG playing friends are extremely envious of me for owning this guitar, and for getting it at such a great price on the secondhand market.  If Navarro were based in Spain, not Mexico, this same guitar would retail for 2 or 3 times the price.

Product: Francisco Navarro Torres Classical

Submitted 05/02/2003 at 10:38pm by Erik

Sound :10

The guitar is brand new and it sounds great.  With the cedar top I expect it to open up in time. I did not compare it to any other classical guitars such as Ramirez etc because I live in such a remote location I can only find cheapos at the music store (like Ibanez, etc).  I had one classical guitar before (Pimentel) and I took it to the pawn shop and got $10 for it and that was all that it was worth.  I am very picky about my equipment ... only  used Taylor acoustic, Gibson Les Paul, Mesa Boogie amps in the past because I can't stand cheap shit.  With that said, I love the sound of this guitar, Great sustain, clarity, tone, volume, you name it.  I am sure that there are better sounding guitars out there but I would have to pay a lot more money to get something better.

Overall Rating:10

Unless you have $5k to plunk down on a custom job where the lutheir taps the wood to get the right piece/thickness and bracing for the type of wood etc, then you should go with these guys.  I know this is a rave review but I am just ecstatic with this guitar.  I promise I don't work for them..

Tom Blackshear Review

Features :10

Francisco Navarro Guitars

I just had the pleasure to critique one of Poncho Navarro's flamenco blanca guitars.

This particular model had a spruce top and mediteranian cypress sides and back, with Brian Burns new flamenco style tuning pegs. Poncho's french polish was excellent and the color was perfect.

The guitar was made from the Manuel Reyes style flamenco plan that I drew up and donated to the Guild of American Luthiers.

I have to say that this new guitar was so good that I would have to go some to be better. This may sound suspicious but it's true. Poncho has arrived at being a luthier who knows how a guitar works; truly propio cello.

I believe that Manuel Reyes is the best flamenco builder in the world and I will always admit that he has the edge, but Poncho has nailed this design perfectly and should rise to the top of the list as a builder that has more work than he can handle.

Everything was in place with perfect articulation and a voice that compels you to play it. I was humbled.

This guitar model, along with his Miguel Rodriguez classical model, is a must for any serious student or professional player. The cost is what I can't compete with and I imagine that Poncho will be very busy building these two instruments.

He is now building these models personally while his family handles the student line of guitars.

Also, I saw a guitar case that looked very interesting, that his brother or cousin builds.

I'm sure that his low prices will go up as time permits, and he will have a good life from his work with these models.

Richard Brune told me recently that Poncho's Miguel Rodriguez classical model is hard to beat at any price.

Tom Blackshear guitar maker

Tom has been building for approximately 50 years and all of this time it has related to the flamenco and classical guitar. He welcomes all input about makers in general and his craft.